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Her name is Yoshimi.

She's a black belt in karate. :)

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Name:Her name is Yoshimi.
Birthdate:Jul 25
Location:California, United States of America
leave my door open just a crack

What is [personal profile] flyingthesky? It is someplace you shouldn't be if you're allergic to cosplay, random, tweendom, KH, Disney, HSM, Glee, musicals, gay or anything else that Reili likes. Or weird, artsy porn - which is 85% of the writing that she posts here.

'cause I feel like such an insomniac.

My name is Reili, I'm 21 and I like Lucas Grabeel almost as much as I like Kurama. My life can be summed up like this: I revolve around school, anime/manga, writing, tweendom, Kurama and Lucas Grabeel. I live in (mostly) sunny Southern California when I'm not arting it up at California College of the Arts in Oakland. I don't surf. I don't even swim well. And, despite usually saying I live in LA, I don't really live in LA. I come from Harbor City (which is nowhere near a harbor and isn't really a city), which is on the very edges of LA. It's LA, but for cool people. I talk about the things I like and the things that make me irrationally angry. I sometimes yell without explanation. I just started checking my flist, but it's still only at weird times.

Interests (34):

actually i don't like glee that's misleading, adam lambert, andrew garfield .gifs, annoyingly specific interests, art school, bacon, blowjobs, breaking the fourth wall, coffeeshop aus, fonts, high school musical, key lime pie, kingdom hearts, kurama, lucas grabeel, musicals, one direction, panic! at the disco, picking up sand and dropping it, podfic, rainbows, ridiculous comic book canon, sharks, sherlock holmes, suits, teen wolf, teenage pop stars, the avengers, the social network, twitter, watsons, writing things no one wants to read, your face, zefron's dumb beanies
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